Shipping & returns

We take 1-3 days to process shipping. Usually we ship order in 2 days.

U.S. Domestic Shipping:

  1. We use USPS (U.S. Post Office) First Class Mail or Priority Mail as our main shipping method.
  2. All shipping comes with online tracking information.
  3. Standard Shipping will take 3-7 business days.
  4. Priority Mail will take 2-4 business days.

International Shipping:

  1. Due to many countries not allow people import Supplements by personal, so we ship to Canada only.
    If your country allows you import Supplements by personal, please contact us before you purchase.
  2. We use USPS (U.S. Post Office) Priority Mail as main shipping method.
  3. For Canada shipping, the delivery will take 9-15 days.
  4. All shipping comes with Tracking Number. Customer can trace the package online (


  1. All return must be approved by us. Once we approve, we will issue RMA No.
  2. Customer must write down the RMA No. beside the shipping label.
  3. Customer is responsible for the return shipping charge.

Restocking Fee:

We charge 20% restocking fee for non defect product return.


  1. Full refund for package missing, shipping damaged, defect prodcuts.
  2. Customer must return the damaged or defect product for refund.
  3. Non defect product return, the shipping charge is non-refundable and we charge 20% restocking fee.

Not Refundable:

  1. If customer purchases more than 1 bottle, except 1st bottle all rest bottles must remain manufacturer sealed condition. Otherwise, we don't accept return and refund.