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Heart & Vessel

Heart & Vessel

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Cardyherb Formula 心脉宁

Cardyherb Formula

Cardyherb Formula is an unique herbal combination that helps maintain proper cardiovascular functions and a healthy circulation system.
Cholesterol Support 山楂降脂片

Cholesterol Support

Cholesterol Support helps maintain cardiovascular functions as well as to promote healthy cholesterol levels.
Gui Pi Wan 归脾丸

Gui Pi Wan

Gui Pi Wan is appropriate for issues such as insomnia, memory problems, rapid heart beat, fatigue and poor appetite.


Maitong is an advanced multi-vitamin supplement to support cardiovascular function and maintain a healthy cholesterol level.
Raw Pseudoginseng Root Powder 生田七粉

Raw Pseudoginseng Root Powder

Raw Pseudoginseng Root Powder has long been used to promote and maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.
Suan Zao Ren 酸枣仁丸

Suan Zao Ren

Suan Zao Ren helps nourish the heart and calms the body. It is appropriate for insomnia associated with rapid heart beat, and anxiety due to Yin deficiency.
Tian Wang Bu Xin 天王补心丸

Tian Wang Bu Xin

Tian Wang Bu Xin can help relieve insomnia associated with rapid heart beat, loss of memory, and anxiety.