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Common Cold Combo

Common Cold Combo helps promote the digestive system and the body's natural balance. It will also help alleviate seasonal colds.

Dogbane Combo

Dogbane Combo is used to promote healthy circulation and overall well being.

Er Ming Zuo Ci Wan

Help with ringing in the ears, hearing, deafness and nourish the kidney function which will help with hearing.

Gallbladder Support Formula

Gallbladder Support Formula is a unique herbal liver remedy that helps promote and maintain proper gallbladder function.

Ganmao Qing

Ganmao Qing offers seasonal support to help maintain proper immune functions and overall well-being.

Gastro Formula

Gastro Formula herbal formula helps promote gastrointestinal comfort and maintain a proper digestive system.

Watermelon Frost

Watermelon Frost is used to relieve sore throat, toothaches, mouth ulcers, swollen and aching gums.

Xiang Sha Liu Jun Wan

Xiang Sha Liu Jun Wan is a famous herbal formula in traditional Chinese medicine that helps to promote and maintain a healthy digestive system.

Hand And Feet Care

This herbal blend is used to help relieve all types of skin irritation. This will be appropriate for skin that are dry and cracked and itchiness that comes with blistering.

Shennong Analgesic Plaster

Functions and Indications: Activate blood flow, Eliminate swelling and relieve pain. Applicable for sprain, bruise, rheumatalgia, arthralgia and lumbago.

Fu Yin Tai Herbal Powder

This hygiene herbal blend is used to clean the vaginal and or anus area. Helps relieve itching, inflammation, discharge and minor discomfort. For Men and Women.

Polygonatum Odoratum

Polygonatum Odoratum is a colonizing herbaceous perennial growing to 85 cm (33 in) tall by 30 cm (12 in) wide, with alternate, simple leaves on arching stems.

Radix Glycyrrhizae Gancao

Liquorice root, or Radix Glycyrrhizae, is one of the 50 fundamental herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine, where it has the name gancao (kan-tsao; pinyin: gancao)

Red Date Jujube (Hongzao)

The fruit is an edible oval drupe 1.5–3 centimetres (0.59–1.18 in) deep; when immature it is smooth-green, with the consistency and taste of an apple.

Rhizoma Coptidis Goldthread (Huang Lian)

The Rhizomes of Coptis (Goldthread or Huang Lian) chinensis are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.